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Welcome to the Pumpkin Festival at Kiss Confectionery and Bistro!

kissbudapest pumpkin festival

Date: 2023 October .....

Venue: Csók Confectionery and Bistro

Brighten up your autumn days with us at the Pumpkin Festival at Csók Confectionery and Bistro, where every aspect of pumpkin will inspire our food, our experiences and our creative workshops. Come and join us on a special gastronomic journey and explore the exciting world of pumpkin!

Programmes and Experiences:

1. Pumpkin Foods and Cakes:

Taste amazing pumpkin dishes and cakes, born from a combination of tradition and creativity. Try pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie, pumpkin ice cream and many more delicious dishes!

2. Pumpkin Stories and Culture:

Learn about the cultural significance and history of pumpkins through an interactive exhibition and information point. Learn more about pumpkin tree traditions and legends.

3. Creativity Workshop for Kids:

Unleash your creativity in pumpkin carving! Kids will enjoy a special creation workshop where they can make their own pumpkin carving and pumpkin art shine.

4. Pumpkin Decorations:

Immerse yourself in a pumpkin world at a venue filled with pumpkin lanterns, pumpkin-shaped ornaments and unique pumpkin decorations.

5. Pumpkin Tasting:

Don't miss the tasting area, where you can sample a variety of pumpkin-based food and drink.

Ticket information:

Adults: 2000 HUF/person (admission and tasting) the ticket price is subject to change

Children (3-12 years old): 0 HUF/person (entrance, creative workshop and fun activities), show a drawing or painting you have made on a pumpkin theme

Don't miss this exciting autumn event where pumpkin meets creativity! Come with your family and friends and discover a new dimension of pumpkin at the Pumpkin Festival at Kiss Bakery and Bistro!

Find out more and buy your tickets on our website!