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Our Mission

The mission of Csók Bistro, Bakery and Confectionery is to create a unique experience for its guests, where authentic local cuisine meets revolutionary gastronomy of the big cities, where discovery and innovation are based on the security of tradition.

 We believe that food is a key contributor to our physical and mental health and quality of life. There is an emphasis on adherence to the "what, when, how much, how often" guideline.

 Our aim is to create an institution where you can enjoy a cheerful, friendly atmosphere, a colourful and joyful environment, where pensioners and students can afford to be, where guests at a business breakfast or lunch can be served perfectly. It is the pampering of everyday life.

 It is along this belief that we have developed, for the first time in Hungary, our services and offerings, interior design and interior decoration solutions within the so-called Day Time Dining concept.

 The main message of the concept is to eat more often rather than less, taking the time to eat more, while sticking to traditional meal times. In other words, breakfast, lunch, snack and a light dinner are important.

 Csók is one such place: where local and exotic ingredients carefully selected for their rich and exciting flavours, where gentle cooking techniques serve food in its most natural form, where you are welcomed as a friend and old acquaintance, where you are greeted by friendly colours and smiles from enthusiastic colleagues dedicated to gastronomy.